I’m working on some things…

March 4, 2010

To help myself become motivated right along with the rebirth of Spring. Seeds are sitting inside their little Jiffy Pellets in my dining area and my plants are looking more and more toward the outside with yearning. It won’t be much longer till they can breathe the fresh outside air and grow till their heart’s content. A bird outside this morning is singing and the sun is in full glory. It makes for a wonderful time to reflect. The road I live on is quiet and so I sit here in front of the computer typing away, gazing out the patio door feeling a sense of peace. I’m grateful for the simple things I have. A home, food, family, and love. None of that has to be extravagant. A simple meal of meat and potatoes is far more nourishing to both body and soul where peace and love is, than a dinner in NYC, complete with the little lamps at the table, with a distant attitude. Although I must confess, I’ve always wanted to dine with one of the little lamps on my table. The nearest I’ve gotten is Red Lobster where my husband pointed it out…on a wall next to our table.  Been doing some sketching and reading quite a bit. Art makes me slow down and really look at things. Right now the work is whatever catches my eye, just for the sake of drawing. Reading is mostly from the internet and a book my son loaned me. The book is about our sub -conscience and how it affects us on an everyday basis. The book, “The Power of your Subconscious Mind”, by Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D.D. , Revised by Ian McMahan, Ph.D., is very interesting in the way it presents itself. Some Things I may not completely agree on, but most of it I think has merit. We are what we think about. In this same vein, I’m putting down goals on paper so I can go back and check on my progress periodically. I’ve done it before and been pleasantly surprised how many things that were done. Even without my remembering that I’d written it on my sheet. The Spring is near and it’s good to move forward.


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