both in terms of clock time AND my last posting, but here I am as promised. Tonight I went to see the movie “Letters To Juliet” and I must say it was a refreshing change from the usual stuff out there. Predictable but nice. Lynn Redgrave starred and she is a fine actress. She has a grace about her in the movie that comes through in spite of the non perfect hair which is why I find it so endearing. The idea of someone, anyone being always coiffed is just too much. She gives a “real” touch to the make believe world of  Nana.  That’s good acting for me. Love is love. No matter what age. It was a story of hope and change, only in this case it was something that was tangible and it was accomplished.  One a different note…geez, it was a fortune to have a couple hotdogs and drinks. Over $15. Hmmm, wonder if hotdogs keep well in a purse…also, I could wait till the movie gets loud and engrossing before I ‘pop’ the coke can. 🙂