August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

I’m older and dumber. My birthday has now passed and I’m on the other side of youth. In reality, I’m on the far side of it. The weather is cooler today, so maybe my previous post was heard as a cry for relief. Lots of sunshine with low humidity sounds wonderful. I do like hot weather, it’s just that for whatever reason, I’ve had a a really hard time with it this year. Perhaps my aging…

Well, I’m starting to sketch daily. Got the idea from an article I read where this young woman is doing a 365 day project with sewing. I thought it was a good idea and will do it with my art. Words and art…two things I enjoy. Oh, my youngest son bought me a sewing machine. I’m going to be getting myself an easy pattern and venturing out into the sewing circle very shortly. I know this one thing for sure. I enjoy working with my hands and I’m a very visual oriented person. I remember as a six year old at school, staring at the art pictures that were on these room dividers in our makeshift gym class. While standing in line for the trampoline I would stare intently into the prints. The one I remember the most was one of the little boy who had on blue clothing and pink cheeks. I would get right up to it and search and search the picture. I also remember looking at our living room walls at home and thinking how much better they would look if they were painted a different color. Six years old and already with decorating ideas.

August 20 is…

August 20, 2010

a hot Southern night. Complete with sweat, as my house has no insulation. All summer I’ve sweltered after coming home from work. The only relief I get is when I sit in the recliner with my afghan over my legs over the vent. The cool air keeps me sane, ha ha. all ceiling fans (that actually run), plus numerous portable fans are going all the time along with the central air. There is simply no insulation.  I’ve survived and really it’s okay, except I don’t care for paying the exorbitant bill without the actual benefit. At least I’ve probably sweated out a great deal of toxins from my daily intake of modern-day food aka processed… 😀