No song, no poem…

June 1, 2011

sewing no…not even art. Having read my blog from beginning to present, it is clear I haven’t been  consistent. Creativity is there, peeking through every chance and whispering to me as I go through my days. I just think it and then keep moving. I   manage to do some of  the stuff, just not on the original timetable I set! It was really calling me on Memorial Day as I browsed the bookstore. I even managed to get some ideas for recycling stuff into art from the trip. I still haven’t taken the sewing machine from its box, but I have bought a dress pattern. I really need a sewing table though… 🙂 Well, all in good time. 

 My current thoughts have been in the usage of words. Today’s words to be exact. This morning while driving to work, the local radio station was interviewing Steve Stockman, who wrote    “How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck.”  I was immediately put off by the last word, but decided to listen. After work I went to the site and I will say I  like some of his tips. However, something tells me there are enough words in the English language to have brought about a better sounding ending to the title. Suck, AWESOME, good job, etc etc etc are all very annoying to me. When I watch movies that actually have what I deem to be real language I’m so much more satisfied with the content, even if the film critics rule it boring or worse. “Gone With The Wind” did us no favors by introducing. ‘real life language’ at the end. But then, it didn’t portray the people of the South in a real way either, so why am I surprised? I’m not.

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