What’s In A Name?

July 6, 2011

Overheard a conversation as I went for snacks. The word ‘redneck’ leapt out the door, stumbling out of the way in time for me to look up and see the person turn and glance before I continued on my trek. The rest of the walk I pondered the term and tone that came with the brief encounter. When I thought about it, I smiled and sat back down to work. As I worked, I thought about all the males I see each day and figure should anything come about, more than half would either stand terrified until orderd to get on the floor or tuck tail and run. I see them everyday with their ipods, sandals, and just-below-the-knee shorts. Or perhaps they wear the latest basketball jersey or the nice khaki pants and button down shirts. Neither should we forget those who like to read the Wall Street Journal. I see them all in my line of work. And do you know who I’d rather be with should something happen? The ones who come in to do maintenance on the building. The ones who walk down the hall and smell like men who are working. The ones that make everything work, so that even the Information Technology people can do their jobs. The carpenters, the electricians, the plumbers, the workers that are blue collar. Yes, this is a blanket article of sorts, but then, isn’t that what the office guy throws each time he uses the term and tone as I heard today?