June 13, 2012

are like pouring Dr. Pepper into an ice filled glass. You think you have a full amount, but in reality the ice takes up most of the room. My car’s right side mirror states, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Tiny pictures forming one large portrait is another example. All around us are illusions. Movies, television, internet, radio, and newspapers are steadfast in their quest for mind and heart. Whether you win it at a casino or lose it with the fat burning miracle pill it is relentlessly searching for every one of us, feeding off our hopes and dreams.

I drive by signs on the highway sporting the dollar amounts of the next jackpot and think, my, what I could do with that. I think about getting a new hairstyle while envisioning myself as the age of the pretty hair model. It is nice to dream but I understand that my life is what it is. Yes, I still hope for the jackpot and I’ll still contemplate the hairstyle. As for the Dr. Pepper and ice, yeah I like a little illusion every now and then. Please pass the Lays!

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