Oh Mr. Webster, Do You…

August 14, 2012

“Noah” what they’ve done? The annual update of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary has officially recognized a term best left to the indiscretion (yes, indiscretion) of the user. F-bomb. Guess some people will think it’s a spinoff of D-Day. No worries, it’ll be cleared up as fast as they can type six little hits on the keyboard or if they are feeling nostalgic, grab a printed version of the publication. It is there in all its might. Spelled out. The online version was the way I went and the only bright spot in the whole matter is that most of the comments I saw were  on the negative for having done this. Yes, Mr. Noah Webster, you spent most of your life building an American language. If you were here today, I’d ask you, do you think it was worth it?  I’m betting that you would say yes. And that in itself gives me hope. Hope that people will begin to go opposite in every sense of the word.  No pun intended.


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