A Still Day…

August 16, 2012

in the summer heat. The hummingbirds continue to drink from their little oasis on the back and side decks. No wind, with cloudy skies and 82 degree weather. Not bad for this region.  The dog lays stretched out between me and the recliner in her literal dog day of summer-minus the temperature. Hearing the soft lullaby hum of the floor fan is enough to make one drift off  into a easy nap. In the evenings the katydids have formed their annual music company  giving free nightly performances for at least another six weeks. Looking out the patio doors, the summer sights and sounds are so peaceful. Nature’s built in stress reliever. Update: As I am typing this post a bird got into the house and I had to stop and open the back patio doors to coax it out!  The kitchen door was open with one of the screens that have the magnets (think seen on tv) and my guess is that it  flew through the screen.  Scratch the lazy summer day…

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