Dirty Windows Are A Safety Factor…

August 31, 2012

with hummingbirds. Isn’t that wonderful news? Earlier in the summer I became privy to this information from reading on the little beauties. It seems the dirty windows detract from them plowing into what they perceive as more fly space. One day I was at the computer and this ‘thwump’ (my new word) made me turn to see a hummingbird on the deck floor. It was so still I thought it had flown in spirit to the great beyond.  I was afraid to open the door in fear of giving it a heart attack if it wasn’t dead, so I simply bent down close to the door to see if I could determine its status. It lay motionless except for its tiny wings barely fluttering as if it were in neutral gear. I started crying, continuing to watch it a few more minutes. I then decided to turn back to the computer remembering a watched pot never boils. Sure enough a few seconds passed and just as I turned to glance, it rose in flight, my heart soaring along with it in happiness. In less than a week another mishap, only this time there was a flymate and it hovered guardedly over the stunned bird a few seconds before flying off. This bird didn’t take as hard a hit due to the playing and was up in flight faster than the first one.

My nerves were shot, so I researched and found the dirty windows information. It’s a win win situation. I don’t have to clean the patio doors and the birds are safer for it.  I love those birds.

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