Christmas Memories…

December 23, 2012

Being poor in my childhood  was no excuse. We always had a tree. Sometimes real, sometimes a hand me down white flock with a color dial or shiny aluminum that took on a bit of color with the decorations.

My mother would stand in a chair hanging garland across our tiny low-ceiling living room. Once the giant X was secure, she carefully tossed silver icecicles making her way to all four corners. After school I would walk in the front door greeted by a shining hope, the decorations bidding me a gentle welcome home in the opened door breeze.

The coffee table’s glass top was covered with wrapping paper and a display of assorted Christmas characters took center stage. Ribbon candy with green and red stripes sat in the clear candy bowl waiting its turn to bring sweetness to the season.

When we were very young, my sibling and I would dance around the living room to a 45 record entitled The Reindeer Dance (if memory serves correct). It included a stance on the hassock and we would laugh ourselves silly.

Mama would try her hand at divinity and sometimes it worked, sometimes not. She said it had to be a clear day with low humidity to get a good batch. I waited for the fudge myself, as that was my favorite.

At night we would play Christmas music and I would stare into the lighted tree  and envision all the happenings in the songs that played right down to the last note where Rudolph is leading Santa’s sleigh, delivering toys all over the world.

Charlie Brown, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Frosty The Snowman were regular rituals as the little television held me tight with the stories that I knew by heart. In seventh grade I was introduced to Charles Dickens by way of “A Christmas Carol”. The final classic I continue to watch today is “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Layer upon layer through the years Christmas has built memories. Those that show up each season just like family and old friends.

Most important, riches come from treasures of the mind and heart, not from a box or shopping bag.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.


December 4, 2012

Eyes of brown and blue and gray

Cast upon sunset of day

To where it fades, from sight it’s gone

The night tis’ long, from dusk to dawn

The morn’ shines bright for all to see

Through eyes of green each man dares be

Stand silent, walk tall through fields of wheat

Earth’s kinsmen hail forth in victory so sweet

From mountains West the rivers flow

Days wander on with passing know

Run swift, run free though wild winds blow

Today is here yet far to go

The homeland calls with each step took

See firm with eyes, stand ground though shook

Not sinking nor slumbering, lest all not be held

Toward victory to victory, I pray thee, Do Well

copyright 11/8/12