Thinking back…

June 15, 2013

to simpler times. When using a phone meant hearing the ‘tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh’ of the rotary dial. Then the fancy square buttons with the musical beeps. I would punch short songs and hang up fast as not to dial some long distance number and get into trouble as a teen who has to explain why the phone call to timbuktoo was made. Internet was more like ‘enter the net’ when you slept outside in a tent and the flaps on the windows/door maybe had a type of netting on them to let a breeze in. When you got in the car to drive somewhere you talked to the people in the vehicle, not somewhere ‘out there’. I seriously think about having a single landline again. Can you even get those anymore if you are not a business? I can imagine giving my number, then stating it is a landline. Crickets chirp. The look of ‘hmmmm…not sure about this one.’ But then, that would be part of the fun now wouldn’t it.


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