Today I laughed as I fed the second dog turnip greens and pinto beans. I could not believe he ate it. The other one turns up her nose quickly unless she is given her favorites. This one is younger, always happy with his tail in full swing and loves you like he hasn’t seen you for months even if only five minutes have passed. Grateful. That’s the word to describe him. He accepts every scrap you are willing to part with, every pat on the head, each kind word you utter to him and any sort of attention he can garner with relish. He makes you want to love him. My other one is my baby since I’ve raised her from a pup. I still see within her face the young dog of yesteryear, just like I still ‘see’ myself as young. Essentially, we’ve grown old together. We are both in our middle years with her catching up to me in dog years. The younger one baits her with play in the mornings and it is a sight to watch. He ‘blocks’ her and skips around till she chases him a bit and then they continue with the little dance. She’s gained a cousin and I’ve got more good memories to think about. No wonder dogs are called man’s best friend.

Can one find bits of common sense. This little gem comes to you via

“King Of The Hill”, Episode 2, Season 7

Character Dale Gribble says:

“Just because you have their attention doesn’t mean you have their respect.”

Thoughts for myself…

October 21, 2013

Oh how I wish I

Could pull the tender

Young blooms of

Bitterness from my

Soul as easily as

The ones that

Sprout anew

From the prickly bush

Outside my windows

Soft and pliable

In one’s hand

They easily leave

Their home

Never to become

Stiff and unwelcoming

To outsiders

Yet protective of its own

Right down to the

Brown dead leaves

That cling

Stabbing even in their death

May God reach out and pluck them as He is the true Master Gardener.
copyright 2013

We Love Talkers…

October 21, 2013

It is so good to hear them with their feigned indignant words over the ills of the day. However, when all is said, nothing is done. Except perhaps for their benefit. Glenn Beck calls out to ‘just do the right thing’…’in a peaceful and respectful way’. The only peaceful and respectful thing done that I can relate to was the signing of the Declaration Of Independence and that was in secret (due to the peaceful and respectful encounter they would have received from the King of England.) The men who signed, did so with a gravity that I dare say none of us today can even begin to comprehend. Peaceful and respectful was not on the table when push came to shove. It was, however the right thing to do. Now it and the Constitution are in ruins and have been  for quite some time. It’s been a long time coming…but it’s here. Right in our mist.

Compromise can be a dangerous word when mixed with freedom.  

Many times politicians try to distinguish themselves by it. Clergymen, businessmen, the local and national sect, all like to keep this safety phrase in their pocket to bring out and scan just like a credit or debit going through the register. And ALL of them are lying. They will not cross the invisible line. They ARE politically correct. They may go against the tide up to a point, but somewhere they are going to shy away from the REAL issue(s) that cause them to even remotely identify with being non politically correct. Political correctness is nothing more than bowing to those in power at the moment. Those moments are fast adding up and like it or not, change is coming. THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Get away from the television. Get away from the sports. Get away from the educational system. Get away from the religious institutions. Notice I said ‘religious institutions’, not God. There IS a difference. Here a word, there a law, they’ve all been slipped in with nary a bump on plenty of issues. Others, those just too hard to take at first, were consistently through days, months, and years put up to the public and distorted according to the purpose and plan of the perpertrators who finally wore down the resistance of those who knew better. Those who didn’t know, are seeing maybe for the first time in their lives, what is REALLY the fruition of their work, or else they are still blind as a bat and plunging headlong into the abyss still believing they stand for the right things, ie political correctness. It’s no longer a case of time will tell. The time IS here and time IS TELLING AND SHOWING each and every day. WAKE UP. THINK. LOOK. OBSERVE. REALLY SEE. I’m not telling you to be an isolationist, but I am saying with each encounter you make in daily life whether school, work, religious, social, etc. Start to question what you see, read, listen to and participate in. Don’t just be a warm body absorbing everything like a sponge and then letting the water run down the drain. Take what you’ve absorbed and put it into different containers to look and ponder on LOGICALLY. THIS IS A KEY FACTOR: logic is almost non-existent. Everything runs off EMOTIONS today. Next time you’re watching something on tv, pay particular attention to the background music. Ten to one, if you took out the music, you may not feel as inspired to give or do or whatever the case is. Images are also very powerful, so a better thing to do might be to turn your head and simply listen to the commercial instead of viewing it. Experiment like this until you come up with a workable method for distancing yourself emotionally to all the things out there. Give, give, give, is the order of the day. Whether in money, time, effort, acceptance, or a myriad of other things that someone ‘feels’ is the ‘right thing to do’. Nature in and of itself teaches that life is not fair. We had better go back and learn it. FAST.

Final Note: An article I recently read had an advocate who said something like, ‘We’ve had very few negative comments, so I’m thinking maybe people are saying to themselves,’Well, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.’ I paraphrased, not remembering the exact wording, but my what a powerful statement it is. It jumped off the page at me and fits in perfectly with what I’m trying to get across.
…………………………….UP IS DOWN…….DOWN IS UP……until you SEE & Change it…