We Love Talkers…

October 21, 2013

It is so good to hear them with their feigned indignant words over the ills of the day. However, when all is said, nothing is done. Except perhaps for their benefit. Glenn Beck calls out to ‘just do the right thing’…’in a peaceful and respectful way’. The only peaceful and respectful thing done that I can relate to was the signing of the Declaration Of Independence and that was in secret (due to the peaceful and respectful encounter they would have received from the King of England.) The men who signed, did so with a gravity that I dare say none of us today can even begin to comprehend. Peaceful and respectful was not on the table when push came to shove. It was, however the right thing to do. Now it and the Constitution are in ruins and have been  for quite some time. It’s been a long time coming…but it’s here. Right in our mist.

Compromise can be a dangerous word when mixed with freedom.  


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