Child Support Can Also Be Known As…

July 21, 2015

Plant money so I can line my driveway with trees.

Oh look! There’s a sale on at (insert business)!

My hair needs styled.

My nails need a manicure and polish.

This will go towards my 2nd house mortgage payment because I still have my first house payment because it hasn’t sold yet.

On the other hand it can go in the direction of…

I hope the child support comes in because otherwise, no new clothes for my child/children.

Please oh PLEASE hit the bank today so I can pay the electric/water so I won’t be charged a disconnect/reconnect fee because I’ve already spent every dime I have on food, gas, shelter, and other basic needs.

Child support is a murky pool where courts don’t swim from what I know. The bottom line isn’t whether or not the child/children get the benefits from the money, it is a matter of following the procedure set up by the system. I remember years back when a lawyer told me the law really isn’t about what’s fair…and I do not remember for the life of me what the finishing words were on the sentence. My own wording for the sentence is, “The law really isn’t about what’s fair, it’s about who can tell the best story.” Of course the more money and contacts you have, the better the story can be told, heard, and understood (wink wink) by the lawyer and judge.

One possible solution would be to require  documentation from the parent who receives the money  through receipts on a yearly basis. Complaints would be rampant, but at least it would force some parents to actually spend the money on the child/children. The other solution would be to stop child support completely. I guarantee this would put a screeching halt to some parent’s ‘love’ for their kids when no money was coming in. There would be a lot of changing households in my best guess. Yes, there would be problems. Yes, things would not be perfect, but from what I’ve seen and long ago experienced, it is not any more far fetched than the system that has been in place for a long time. It could  cause some people to think twice about getting pregnant, married or not. It could cause people to take their marriages and parenting more serious. The whole system of money and benefits are out of control. But then…maybe that was accidentally on purpose.

By the way, the trees that lined the driveway …they weren’t even edible. Just another way to make something look pretty from the outside…


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