Tuesday Musings….

October 7, 2015

Watched yet another ‘tribute’ to someone’s father. I see this all the time. Videos are rampant on the internet with this sort of thing. Whether relatives, lovers, pets, etc., I find myself increasingly annoyed. It’s always the same thing. Panning across the faces of those watching…the sad mopey looks, the tears, the …whatever else. Yep. In a bad mood today. The more I see expressions of ‘love’, the more I detest them.

There is nothing wrong with it, except to me it has become the presentation instead of the actual thing. What happens if you don’t own a video camera, or phone or computer? Then what? All you have are perhaps things in your mind and heart that showed love. Asking someone did they want something to eat when you KNEW they didn’t feel like cooking for themselves. Or better…not saying anything and simply preparing them a light snack and bringing it to them silently. What about making sure there is enough groceries in the house, or cleaning the bathtub…or commode without being asked. Floors…getting swept and mopped. A flower (weed) getting picked by your small child, that you put into a tiny glass on the windowsill where the sun smiles on it. These things are also love. At least kindness…

Today there are so many ‘stars’ you can’t see the tiny light from someone’s eyes when you do a small gesture for them. Everything does not need to be captured on video to be meaningful. Have fun with them…just don’t make them to be the main source of ‘love’. Day by day by day…THAT is love.

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