Purposeful Thursday…

October 15, 2015

This morning upon waking I glanced around the gray infused early light, my thoughts wanting to boil over like a big pot of soup. Last night before retiring, I wrote down a couple things to do this morning, along with a short sentence using one positive word for today. I glanced at the sentence after I allowed myself to delve into thinking for a few minutes and started my day. I fixed a breakfast of leftover potato soup and some unsweetened apple sauce and walked out on the sunny back patio. Setting the timer for fifteen minutes I ate in silence. Afterwards I got up and stood in each of the four corners of the patio and took in the warm rays and listened to the birds over the faint traffic sounds. I then said two sentences (two words from two days ) with my words: I’m grateful to you God. Thank you God.

Picking up the empty containers and a couple more things on the table, I walked inside to start the dishwasher and household chores. Sometimes it is good to not think. Simply be and express positive output to the Creator.

I am ready for the day.


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