Happy Father’s Day…

June 19, 2016

Is something I never celebrated with or for my father. All the social media posts, commercials, card displays, sales signs in stores, etc.  is like watching a foreign film with no subtitles. I get the gist of it, but don’t truly relate.

 I offer no sentiments of chiding to love them while they are here because I don’t know your circumstance. It is an individual situation for each person. 

To those who celebrate I say, Happy Father’s Day.

To those who can’t, don’t, won’t, or whatever, I say, Monday is on it’s way as far as I know…



There is always something that I’m thinking about. Pen and paper consists of my eyes and brain. Thinking is a visual thing, we “think” in pictures. My hands have been busy with everyday tasks but my thoughts are ever present and so they log in seconds and minutes, hours and days, months that lead to years. There are scores of bloggers and I am but one among many. My words are for me and for those that choose to stop in and take a glance. It is not the pursuit of fame nor fortune that makes me write. I write because I enjoy it. Not in the every single day writing law. I just don’t do it. Reading is a part of me and I will write out things that I’m studying on. These things are in my makeup. I ponder and reflect, but it does not find its way out into the world most of the time. It is within the confines of my inner self. Me. I.  .  The part that is mysterious even to the person. 

This evening was a time that my fingers wanted to feel the smooth plastic and hear the rhythmic beat spelling out thoughts within the space of nothingness that I can’t explain, but see via the internet. 

I wonder…I think…I write. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you for stopping by.