Fall Thoughts…

October 1, 2016

October is here and the backyard is crunchy. Skies are no longer the light summer hues, but a richer tone of blue and pink in the early morning. Constant reminders of the new season are shown on media and everyone longs for cooler weather. Me…I’m enjoying this season a day at a time. Some days are still warm and a few have teased with the coolness that will soon come to take up residence. The door decoration is an upside down umbrella bursting with fall leaves and sunflowers. Everything in nature sits quietly, like when you first lie down in the comfort of your bed.  Little rabbits still scamper across the yard in early morning darkness, but soon they will be snuggled in their haven to wait for warmer times. This is a time that I like to simply be, taking in colors and smells of the changing landscape. A morning mist over the field close to my house reminds me that I am kin to those ancients of Ireland and Scotland and this is my own version of the moors. The closest one I’ll probably ever see. But it’s in my bones…and in my heart. It’s who I am. Enjoy the season. Live in the season. It will do you good.

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