Worker Bee…

June 13, 2017

Typing is my livelihood these days. Sitting eight to nine hours a day discovering people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and other bits and pieces of their lives brings me a paycheck. If told I had to recall them and their information outside of the few minutes it takes to send it into “the system”, as I lovingly call it, I would be hard pressed. A blur of names and ages run across my eyes and fingers like lightening bugs on a hot Southern evening. Flitting and darting until the papers are finished and laid down only to pick up another set and repeat. The sterile manner in which I see this information is much like today’s society.  Removed from a Mayberry landscape where everyone knows when you sneeze to a screen where millions of words, numbers, and symbols pop up and join the cyber highway to …where? 

Personally, I like taking the slow backroads. You know, the two lanes where trees shade the car and all kinds of shadows hammer on the exterior as you drive leisurely by individual homes rather than  “little boxes” as the song says…and so on that note I tip my water to a slow summer…



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