Merry Christmas

December 24, 2018

The above says it all.

Nearing Christmas…

December 19, 2018

Six days and the big day will be here. My shopping is done, presents yet to be wrapped, duck still in the freezer. All in good time, alllll in good time. Still have holly to hang and stockings to decorate thanks to one of my sons who came in with the Hobby Lobby bag exclaiming he had gotten into the mood for about three hours and then wasn’t. 🙄. Knowing I like art he gifted me with the project. The boxed fudge is waiting patiently for its debut to Christmas festivities and the best thing is I am not hurried or worried. That my friends, is the secret to enjoying the Christmas holiday.

Faceless Shopping…

December 13, 2018

Is so much nicer when living in an area where the inhabitants are clearly not happy. Perhaps it’s me they dislike. Perhaps they dislike themselves. Perhaps I should coddle and love on them, stroking their egos and gushing over their taking my money while sullenly looking right through me with eyes that hold untold truths about them and me. Perhaps online shopping was made especially for this era. 

Customer Service is two words that translates into one: Gone.