Although married, I have a new title in front of my name: Miss. For simplicity I’ll refer to myself as Miss Sweetie. Everyday at my employment the majority of folks refer to me in this manner. Sometimes it is sincere and sometimes not, fluctuating depending on the person and situation. Today was frustrating. Internet wasn’t wanting to cooperate and the IT people were gung ho in the a.m. vowing to get my station up and running.  2:59 p.m.  back from a late lunch, it was clear it was a bust. The part which brings me to my point of the post…the young coworker had them attentively cooing over her when I walked in. The one guy was sitting right next to her while she did her work much like a father protecting his daughter. The other one was busy on the phone telling his conversation to the listener while I received the report from my supervisor that nothing was working that she had tried. Miss Sweetie was out of luck. All day long the IT guys worked and discussed and worked and discussed and …for the entire day I sat. Doing nothing. Amazingly they were able to get young miss her needed connection and off she went happily typing .  I do not begrudge her. She, should she reach my age, will feel the same thing most likely: You are all, if not totally, INVISIBLE among males and females. Patronized and given attention only if absolutely necessary and usually at the tail end  of everyone else who is younger. Can’t prove it, but the pattern is there. Men are just like that. I do not know any other way to say it. No, I don’t hate men, but I sure do get weary of having to wait my turn, because it is now every time. 

Remember, should you live, you too will someday reach “old”.

A precarious place to be in this time.