Advice from across a desk…

June 9, 2019

In my young years right out of high school my goal was to work in an office. The only person who worked in an office in my family was an aunt who had secured a government job after a stint in the armed forces. She had a car, her own place, nice clothes and I looked at her as having a lot. I took typing in high school but the teacher wasn’t very good and during tests I was able to look at my fingers. When I graduated I realized I needed to REALLY know the keyboard so my mother bought me a little manual typewriter. She would’ve bought me an electric but I told her that the manual would let me type faster when I did switch to electric as the touch would be lighter.  I was a fast learner and soon I was skilled in the art. Applying for jobs was easy enough. The reality was, however, I had no experience. I remember feeling awkward on timed tests. At one place I knew I had failed even before I completed the assigned letter. My heart beat fast and my fingers fumbled on the smooth keyboard,my mind racing with thoughts of knowing it was a done deal. I handed in the paper and left knowing that I would not be getting a call. 

One job interview stands out. When the man read over my qualifications he asked me if he could give me some advice. I said yes. He told me that a woman who had applied had a lot of experience in that type of job and that it would get her hired, whereas I  had none. I do not recall the conversation verbatim, but I know he was telling me to get experience (or maybe go to school). I thanked him and left. 

Today while watching a Youtube  on encouragement of your dreams the interview entered my mind. Mentorship is a popular word and yet…I had none. There was an opportunity there for me to have had maybe a part time job. To learn and grow. Another memory that just came to mind was when I called a place rather than drive to see if they were hiring. The lady that answered told me that they had just hired a young woman who was doing very well . I wonder if they had given her a chance with no experience? I’ll never know. One thing I do know is that mentorship is a hollow word unless it is backed up by action. Guess times changed. Years later I found a job and since that time I gained my experience. Thanks DC. You gave me my real start.


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