Cheap Therapy…

October 18, 2019

Buy a dozen eggs and name each of them with those you currently dislike. Break them forcefully watching the slimey mess all destroyed right before your eyes by your own hand. Feel the bliss of letting go. 

Cost estimate: 1 dozen eggs $3.00 vs. traditional therapy $150 for 1 hour . Guaranteed time savings: 55 minutes and no prison.

Vegetarian method – Bunch of grapes, say ‘hello’ to the named dislike, open mouth and ‘pop’ with a delectable squishy burst of destruction as you annihilate.  Bonus: using this method you feed your body with nutrition and give your mind  needed cleansing. It’s a two-fer. 

At office potlucks incorporate disliked food ingredients into your dish OR make a tiny one with their likes. Make it clear that the family pet or sick child, etc. got into it but you were able to salvage the portion brought in. This of course is done AFTER they’ve eaten it. Discretion is mandantory and only to the person who consumed the food. Gives a chance for practicing your acting skills when you have no idea what they are talking about if they tell others. 

If you know a particular hated food by a dislike and you like it, well then, by all means have some. For example, chocolate is consumed and you can destroy and feel satisfied at the same time. Make sure you talk to the person right afterwards so they can get the full aroma from your breath. Win and win. A $2.00 candy bar verses $200 assault and battery. 

Remember, food can be fun.

End of the day surprise…

October 1, 2019