Chicken and dumplings…

January 28, 2020

This is a delicious lunch I’m having today. The recipe is one from Fannie Farmers cookbook that has been with me over thirty years. It is the one thing that I don’t make Southern as far as the dumplings. Mama, Nanny , and my aunts all rolled out and cut their dumplings. In fact everyone I’ve ever known do the same except me. I like the dropped spoonfuls of the recipe and so does my family and it’s all they’ve ever had from me. The flat ones seem slick and slimey to me, although I did like them as a child and surely wouldn’t refuse to partake if offered! The secret I’ve found is not to work the dough too much. I like them light and airy in their broth with the chicken. Yes, comfort is a wonderful thing and sometimes good food ranks highly in that realm. Thank you Fannie.

The Sprig…

January 27, 2020

Was pulled from the larger plant in the prior post. Originally it was outside for the summer among a few mint plants on the back patio then transferred to the small pot . It was very unlikely , or so I thought, to survive from the way it drooped in its state with the mother plant, but hating to give up on it I decided to give it a short trip outside with some fresh air and new neighbors. It developed tiny white leaves and in the Fall it went into the closet with its parent plant for a month. You can see the two small pink buds as it has held its own. It reminds me that just because something looks like its seen better days if given a chance it just may gain strength and perhaps even bloom. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Christmas Cactus…

January 27, 2020

I walked in to find this early today. A lovely sight in which I had hoped to see from several weeks ago. I bought this back in 2017 in November and this is the first time I’ve seen it bloom this well. I read about putting the Cactus in total darkness for a bit and tried it; proof of this is sitting in the spare room along with two other plants, one a sprig that came from this plant and an aloe vera. I will show a picture of the sprig shortly, as it has its own story. Like the saying goes, better late than never.

Really, go watch this N.O.W.

January is when we like to start cleaning and the stores and You Tube are reflecting this in products and videos. I’ll do mine via blog and by the way, Happy 2020 to my readers!


Use a soap wand brush for cleaning your stove top, refrigerator, and countertop. Instead of filling the wand, I wet, then squeeze out the excess water and apply a bit of Dawn or other dish detergent and scrub surface using circular motion. Rinse and wipe clean with wand, then use a kitchen towel to dry surface. This is maintenance, not heavy duty cleaning. It does save hands from water and that’s what I like.


When you’ve finished your liquid laundry detergent, fill the bottle with water and use it for cleaning the toilet bowl. It leaves a pleasant scent and saves you money by stretching out the remaining ingredients!

After showering, wipe down showerhead, faucets, walls, sides, and floor of tub to ward off product buildup and mold /mildew. I use a bath towel.

Personal Grooming

Having long hair, I use a standard sized pillowcase for a “turban wrap” after shampooing. Both cotton and polyester have worked well in absorption and not bulky like towels.

Thanks for reading!