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Today is now…

May 29, 2012

Now is today. Nothing else is possible.  I am feeling this strongly with a warmness that radiates throughout my heart and soul. Usually I do not care to go with feelings as they are subject to change easily and when I go on feelings , well let’s all say it together: it usually does not go well. Intuition is a different matter and one that is worthy of writing about maybe later. I have wasted many a day, month, and year pondering about the future and all the time it is right before my eyes. TODAY is all I have and I really do not have a guarantee of making it through the 24 hours of even a single one, at that.  I am thankful for finally realizing this, even though it took me awhile (late bloomer, remember?). It is okay. I now know. Really know. That is why I enjoyed making the Southern Fried Chicken dinner(lunch) for my family today. Relishing the way the flour felt on my hands as I lovingly dipped each piece separately in the white coat  with it’s perfume of salt and pepper lingering on the skin. Gingerly placing each one into its bed of bacon grease,  which in turn released such a wonderful smell that only a true Southerner can appreciate the deep meaning behind such a traditional method of frying chicken. Today, I ate this wonderful food and drank fresh sweet Southern ice tea.. I know it is written ‘iced’ on most things, but I wanted to write it just like I say it. I am happy. I am thankful. I am Blessed.  

Sing in the shower…

June 24, 2011

sing in the car, sing at church, with your friends, even sing in bed if you want, but please, PLEASE do not sing at your job. For good measure, let me also add dancing to that request. I’ve witnessed both and trust me, even with talent it does not add credibility to you. The only exceptions, being if you are doing this AS your employment. The one that actually was the rudest to me was the dancing. When I ordered at a drive -in, the car hop stood on the sidewalk in front of my car and danced (complete with snapping fingers) exclaiming , “Oooh, that’s my SONG!” , as the previous customers backed out with their radio blaring.  Then I’ve experienced the singing down the corridor, at the desk with headphones, or simply with your buddy co-workers. Enough already. I just can’t imagine 50 or 60 years ago this would have been tolerated in the workplace. Another sign of the times. Whatever happened to a time and place for everything?

Taking used glasses from supper, pouring off the liquid and then reusing the ice at the next meal. This actually happened according to my grandmother. She worked for a woman who ran a boardinghouse and watched her do it. If I know my Nanny, I bet she NEVER took a bite or drink while employed at that job.

Sounds like the makings of a fine Southern meal doesn’t it? In another posting it very well could be, but not this time. Today’s post deals with the stark differences I noted from my previous writing.

Recently, someone took a couple lines from the song “My Humps”(Black Eyed Peas)  while discussing an issue of weight. The woman who delivered the lines did not recall (so she claimed) who actually sang it.  I knew. In my younger years with my teenagers in the house, I did listen to some of the stations that carried it. Regardless, I decided to google the song and make sure due to a doubting Thomas in the group. Here are parts of the song:

[]   Whatcha gonna do with all that junk

All that junk inside that trunk..   [Fergie] I’ma get get get get you drunk Get you love drunk off my hump…

If you want to read the rest , I found it at

When I read through the whole song it  pained me to think I listened to it and really liked the hypnotic effect it has through the music and rhythmic word flow.  I immediately thought about the contrast between these  young people (each 30 at the time of the song 2005 if the stats are correct) and the old gentleman who at HIS age of  thirty was watching his children grow. It isn’t that these two may not have families and not being current with ‘stars’, I don’t really know and really don’t care. My point is how far removed we’ve become in the last 50 + years. Recently when I visited the nursing home I noted how an old gentleman in spite of his shaking hands attempted to put his used napkin in a small container that I had used to discard the ones I had wiped my mother’s mouth with. He was ever so careful to seek out that little container and when I realized what he was trying to do, I pushed it towards him so he could accomplish his mission. Even now, he reaches back and retains the memories of manners. Folks, we have lost them for the most part. But, I have made myself be aware more and more and have determined, that as one individual I can do something about my own self. I hope that by doing so, I can remind someone else of long ago lessons.

The name of this blog reflects how  I spend my evenings.  Dishwashing is almost a lost art among women thanks to automatic dishwashers and throw away products. Personally, I’ve found solace in a sinkful of soapy water. It gives me time to reflect on the earlier day’s activities, bringing into balance the oncoming night. During the day the double sided sink is the catch all for the nutrition gamut of the household. At the end of the day it becomes the resting place for the final cleansing of both dish and soul. The water and suds piling up. Dirty dishes, cups, glassware, utensils, and pots each taking their turn in the hot  gray water, giving up the caked on, drunk from, smeared on cares of  daily life. Clean again, waiting to take on the next fulfillment of their purpose.

Sometimes I wonder if they dread seeing the cupboard open. With hands reaching toward them, knowing  that they are about to be *used*. But then…that is their purpose. And when they once again set patiently waiting, they no doubt, have a sense of having done their duty. I wish I could always say the same.