Fall Back…

November 5, 2016

The time goes back to God’s time as we in the South say. It leaves you feeling cozy and wanting to be at home when the sun goes into an early sleep. 

Netflix’s “The Crown” is the current show I’m watching at my leisure. Having watched three episodes and being pleased, means I have several more to go within the world of beautiful and cultured things. The dress and formal manners (at least in public) are enough to keep me interested if all goes as I hope. People had dignity and manners for the most part in that era. The problems were there, but the everyday hum of civility kept things in a perspective that we could use today. Real tableware, hairstyles that took some thought, and dress that presented the wearer in a favorable light are all appealing in this shabby world. 

“Philadelphia”, starring John Wayne, Randolph Scott, and Marlene Dietrich is another good one. Actually, I’ll need to see this one in its entirety as it was already on when I turned on the station. Again, the dress and hairstyles were encouraging for those of us who are tired of tee shirts and slovenly clothing. There is nothing wrong with dressing for the situation you are in, but there is something to wonder about when it involves non caring. 

The daily calendar I have on the kitchen windowsill had a most interesting passage . To paraphrase: When looking to your future generation(s), remember that good morals are not hereditary.

Teaching is very important…even then all do not adhere; but if you don’t try, there will be none for certain. The things of today are the result of long term neglect and silence in many areas. 

I sit and watch the shows and think..maybe, just maybe the reason they are shown and are gaining popularity is because we are realizing the fallow ground needs to be plowed, needs to be re-seeded and watered to bring forth a new and thriving crop of people. Those who will stand tall and not let the weeds of corruption and slovenly habits continue to choke out the best we can be here on this earth with whatever time God has given us.





both in terms of clock time AND my last posting, but here I am as promised. Tonight I went to see the movie “Letters To Juliet” and I must say it was a refreshing change from the usual stuff out there. Predictable but nice. Lynn Redgrave starred and she is a fine actress. She has a grace about her in the movie that comes through in spite of the non perfect hair which is why I find it so endearing. The idea of someone, anyone being always coiffed is just too much. She gives a “real” touch to the make believe world of  Nana.  That’s good acting for me. Love is love. No matter what age. It was a story of hope and change, only in this case it was something that was tangible and it was accomplished.  One a different note…geez, it was a fortune to have a couple hotdogs and drinks. Over $15. Hmmm, wonder if hotdogs keep well in a purse…also, I could wait till the movie gets loud and engrossing before I ‘pop’ the coke can. 🙂