Just One Penny…

August 11, 2018

If you cheat customers each day of one penny it will profit you greatly down through the course of your business. Today I was cheated of one. Just one penny. The clerk behind the counter had already finished my transaction and was counting down his cash drawer as I stood there waiting for my two cents of change and my receipt. I realized he wasn’t planning on giving the change back when he proceeded to count out  bills that signified he was closing his drawer for the shift. I  know this because many years ago I too, worked retail and had done the same thing once my shift was over. My REAL intention was to give the two pennies to the container that has become standard in many stores, you know the one that holds extra pennies for someone who fails to have one or more to complete a transaction. Most folks don’t mind tossing in to help out a fellow shopper but what I do mind is when the businesses try to keep the change for their cash drawers. Perhaps at the end of the day they do scoop out the generosity of the shopper’s who leave them to be used by other patrons, but I’ve never seen this happen so my thoughts are that they silently sit in their plastic container until they are handpicked by or for the customer to become part of the business profit. This is not the first time this has happened to me. It IS the first time I’ve written about it. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach when he said , “Oh!” , and proceeded to stop counting bills and hand me a receipt and ONE penny. My main reason for standing there silently was twofold, surprise from the blatant act of not receiving my change and also wanting my receipt as I had paid for a bag of ice and since it was outside the store, wanted  proof of  purchase. After he shortchanged me I tossed the penny into the container, took my receipt, walked outside and retrieved the ice. When I reached home it was in my mind of how all those pennies added up to good deeds to shoppers and also dishonesty within the businesses that assume they can keep them when it’s “only one or two, and  most people don’t want them”.  Some people do. If you think this is petty, then for you it is. Just remember however, a small leak can cost a lot of money on a water bill at the end of the month.  Businesses who take pennies without the customer directly saying keep them are stealing.

 My two cents in more ways than one.


Freckled Arms…

August 8, 2018

Held my children as babies, waved to parade passers by, hugged friends, held books, and carried groceries. In fact, my entire body has freckles stemming from my Scots-Irish background.

Many remarks spoken and numerous stares that say unkind things wordlessly have crossed the lips and eyes of people all through my life.

I’ve created with my freckled hands, kissed with my freckled face, bore children from my freckled body.

I’ve lived.


August 8, 2018

Rules are made for those who follow them.

Barely 2017…

December 31, 2017

The year is swiftly running headlong into the brick wall that will collapse with 2018  emerging  on the other side. Happy New Year, ready or not. 

Hate Me Please… 

December 31, 2017

For my kin

For my skin

For my mind 

Strength of soul and spirit through God’s Mercy and Grace…things I cannot understand, yet rest in them through His Authority and Majesty

Hate me please for no harm done 

For who I am is

Simply me

Being Alone…

November 26, 2017

In body or spirit

Moving through days 

Reaching out to touch and see 

Hoping for something that resonates 

Being out of me for a moment

Then…again alone 

To seek solace in silence

Or pain from loneliness 

Another day leaves

There is a tomorrow

And I will go once more to search

While thinking on this (guess what I am!) it crossed my mind that I know a few people who are “quiet”, but not in a deep thinking sort of way. Most things are superfluous and silly that proceed out of their speech. Just because someone doesn’t speak often doesn’t make them deep thinkers or wise. It may mean they have no interest in subject(s), know very little about them, or do not know “how” to communicate effectively. The persons I speak of have limited ability to speak not in physical nor mental, but rather in depth. They are not interested in things that are considered “deep”, with the exception of one person, but even that one subject is short as they do not appear to be interested enough to make a lifestyle of said subject. 

Just thoughts…my introverted thoughts…

Friday night…

November 10, 2017

These days I watch a little TV, sleep a bit in my recliner, watch some more, then mosey off to bed. Once there, I may read, write, or draw. Sometimes I go straight to sleep. There are times I wake up at 4 a.m.  and start my day.  Each morning I drink a cup of coffee with a pour of half and half.  I purchased an honest-to-goodness one pound bottle of local honey and two daily spoons  have rendered  less allergy symptoms. Fixing lunch and snacks for work most days keeps me from spending time and money in convenience stores. Daily things don’t seem important until they are no more. Ask someone who can no longer make their own coffee, their bed, dress themselves…sleep or get up when they choose. Sometimes I  make the statement that normal is good. Nothing exciting, nothing unusual…just normal. There is a lot to be said for regular old life.

Working / Life…

November 9, 2017

The title slash is my personal reminder that they are best kept separate. While parts of each spill over in feelings, thoughts, and actions, ultimately it is up to me to make sure the two do not cross the line. 

Each day I watch and listen to those who have allowed the mingling, reflecting as tiredness, anxiety, and a short fuse.

I do not own part of the company. As an hourly employee my job is to  fulfil tasks I was hired to do. Each workday I perform in a steady accurate manner. Breaks and a quick bite to eat are usually under an hour per day for my  forty plus week. Interestingly, those who fritter away time with talking, smoke breaks, and whatever-else strikes-their-fancy, appear to do just as well as me. Some barely meet their forty hours and quickly leave when their  quitting time rolls around. Then there are the martyrs, who work ridiculous hours on a regular basis…regular hourly folks…those who have no ownership. Sometimes they seem to have an attitude of, ” I’m a great person/better than you, because I work such long hours.” …Bubble bust: you aren’t. You just have a bigger paycheck and more stress.

 Yes, I’m sounding cynical because I understand that the company appreciates your working all the hours…right up until the time you do something and you are no longer there. Whether through quitting, firing, retirement, or death, the company goes on. All those hours are just numbers to them. They hold no sentiment within the pages of your Human Resource File. 

Remember this when  logging in hours that stress you, take away family time, and damage your health. 

Work is good and necessary, but remember to put the slash between work and life. It will keep you better balanced all the way around. 

P.S. My upcoming “work project” is to mimic the casualness of my co-workers who seem to fare well in the above. Smoking, however, will not be part of the project!😉

No one ever cares…

November 8, 2017

about your business as much as you do. Personal? Business? Social? Spiritual? No matter what it is, you will carry a special place in your own life that no one else can share. People can care and participate, but you alone know your own joy, sadness, excitement, love, hatred, and whatever other feelings you feel within your own mind. 

Perhaps this is why so many things are just not as dear anymore. People try to feign others’ feelings and join in without the ability to succeed. The elaborate birthday parties, giveaways, endless charity drives, walks, protests, rallies, riots, etc. are nothing more than props, that end up never being able to really bring the peace that they intend,  never quite measuring up when all the festivities have subsided. 

Maybe it’s time to stop “caring” so much through actions of grandeur, after all, life is a daily thing and consistency on an everyday basis, even in small gestures can eventually yield great dividends.