I said I would be publishing new content soon. This is the day, but it wasn’t soon. September of last year my mother died. Writing was something I thought I would want to do, but it turned out I needed to rest. This June I moved. My mind has been cleared of a lot of clutter and now I’m sorting though things at the new house so my physical can match up with the mental . Every year I realize I need less possessions. My plan is to use what I need each day, put the items in a spot and at the end of a month go through and cull the rest. Using this method for each room should make it simple. I read something similar on The Minimalists blog, except he packed everything without moving and only took out what he actually needed for 21 days. He ended up donating and selling the rest. 

Barbara Streisand once sang, “People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world…” In general, this doesn’t fit my personality. I’m not the type who always needs others around. I like people…sometimes. I want to be sociable …sometimes.  Solitude is also my friend, as well as books, writing, art, or music. All speak to me in ways that I can ponder on and not have to have a ready made answer or else offend the friendship.

My writing is back. Thank you for reading.