Two Days…

August 23, 2016

and I’ll be another year older. Life has been one long day. That is all it can be. We don’t live in weeks, months, or years. Each day we walk this earth  and then it becomes another and so on. Calendars track the time and our bodies change during the long day’s walk. One day we will be gone from here. When I leave it is my hope that it will have been of benefit to someone. Some or one…either is acceptable.


August 20 is…

August 20, 2010

a hot Southern night. Complete with sweat, as my house has no insulation. All summer I’ve sweltered after coming home from work. The only relief I get is when I sit in the recliner with my afghan over my legs over the vent. The cool air keeps me sane, ha ha. all ceiling fans (that actually run), plus numerous portable fans are going all the time along with the central air. There is simply no insulation.  I’ve survived and really it’s okay, except I don’t care for paying the exorbitant bill without the actual benefit. At least I’ve probably sweated out a great deal of toxins from my daily intake of modern-day food aka processed… 😀