with hummingbirds. Isn’t that wonderful news? Earlier in the summer I became privy to this information from reading on the little beauties. It seems the dirty windows detract from them plowing into what they perceive as more fly space. One day I was at the computer and this ‘thwump’ (my new word) made me turn to see a hummingbird on the deck floor. It was so still I thought it had flown in spirit to the great beyond.  I was afraid to open the door in fear of giving it a heart attack if it wasn’t dead, so I simply bent down close to the door to see if I could determine its status. It lay motionless except for its tiny wings barely fluttering as if it were in neutral gear. I started crying, continuing to watch it a few more minutes. I then decided to turn back to the computer remembering a watched pot never boils. Sure enough a few seconds passed and just as I turned to glance, it rose in flight, my heart soaring along with it in happiness. In less than a week another mishap, only this time there was a flymate and it hovered guardedly over the stunned bird a few seconds before flying off. This bird didn’t take as hard a hit due to the playing and was up in flight faster than the first one.

My nerves were shot, so I researched and found the dirty windows information. It’s a win win situation. I don’t have to clean the patio doors and the birds are safer for it.  I love those birds.

Too Long…

May 29, 2012

 since I’ve written. Life has taken twists and turns. Some good, some not so good. My errors are apparent as I write this at 7 a.m. on Tuesday after Memorial Day. The air is cool for now while I set here silently thinking my way on the keyboard. Even the birds are silent this morning, as if reserving each breath for when the day reaches its peak of warmth. Right now my hummingbird feeder is a daily comfort as I intently watch the tiny birds swoop in to drink the sweet nectar that I’ve carefully measured out for them. The trees with their sun streaked highlights and the grass with its flow in the hot breeze are next in line for peace. My mind is calmed by observing the flow of nature. While watching a lone chameleon one day, I thought how it must look upon the yard as a vast green ocean with its flowing waves of grass as it sat perched upon the deck rail.  Sitting there, it seemed to be pondering life and then it was quickly gone to where ever chameleons go . I think they have the secret to life. Look, then move on to the business of getting done whatever it is you have to do for that time. No worries. Just getting on with their living. Sounds good anyway.