Last Night…

August 4, 2015

Was a dreamless night. I awoke even before my alarm sounded and dared not look at the time. If I look, I cannot go back to sleep. Staring into the cool darkness I turned over, adjusted my pillow, and pulled the covers around my throat. Sometime afterwards the chime brought me into morning.

This is a calm day for me. I let go of  more material things early this A.M. with the scheduled curbside pickup. I can still see the items waiting dutifully for their transportation to their new home, I feel no guilt. Some of the items are brand new, still in their original containers. Others, old as the hills, but with a good cleaning and if desired, some paint, can earn their keep. The main point is to let them do what they were created to do. Be useful.

I remind myself that things are just exactly that. They have no love, no hate, no anything. You can pick something up that brings you a thousand memories and it feels nothing. It sits silently in your hands with no where to go, except where you direct.

  I have no dirt from my childhood, yet I close my eyes and still smell its rich dark aroma. The tree that produced huge sweet pears so full of juice that it dripped down your chin is gone, but my mind conjures it up, complete with the large buzzing bumblebees, yellow jackets, and honey bees that feasted off the bounty for years. The year after we moved the tree died. I always said that it missed us. I still believe that. We grew up playing under it, our dog having his house nearby. After the dog died and we left, I think it realized it had done its work. It provided us with sweet smells, delicious pears, shade, and a sturdiness for years. We, in turn, had given it sounds of laughter and  joy, receiving the fruit with squeals of delight, playing many years around it throughout our young days. The time came to move on…and the tree had loved us in the way it could and we had loved it back.

Thoughts are in my mind…and I can carry them wherever I go, with no fear of them not having a place. For they are in my heart and I think of them often.

and wasps, bumblebees, bats, and pollen. Yep, I’ve encountered each of them this week. Oh, I forgot about the brown rabbit romping in the uncut grass in my backyard. Ears sticking up like twin radars tuning in to the sweet sounds of springtime. Looks like rain is headed this way tonight which means the lovely yellow color of pollen will wash away from everything exposed. My sinuses send their best regards. I’ve finally figured out this deal with the blog postings. So glad, as I enjoy writing and keeps both fingers and mind nimble. Today has been very fortunate for me, obtaining a trunkload of flat boxes and a backseat of ready boxes for a yard sale. All free. Shying away from this for years, it is time to gather those items and sit through a few hours of people. Last time I held one I still showed signs of youthfulness in hair color. 😀 A different mindset is what I’ve embarked upon this time. That makes all the difference in the world. Besides, it’s interesting to watch people and getting paid a bit to do so is pure bonus. With a cleaned out section of my house that makes for a third times’ the charm, don’t you think?