Words and Attitude…

June 7, 2013

Tonight I am reminded of how far removed from polite society this nation has become. I speak of this because people who are considered ‘professionals’ that I deal with on a regular basis continually show me through words and attitude that while the title may be there in the working world, they are in no wise such in the true spirit of the matter. I once heard it said you can say “I love you”, but depending on the attitude (and tone) it can take on a whole new meaning. Forced through gritted teeth will not win a heart. What I am referring to is more on everyday courtesy. Things like “May I help you”, comes out with the attitude of ‘What do you want…Why are you bothering me…I REALLY don’t want to wait on you…’. I know you’ve experienced this as it has become a norm in today’s society. It seems those that hold the power of play these days are forgetting that they themselves at some point may be in a position where they would like kindness and soft speech instead of the sharp choppy retorts they give. A very telling scene, to be sure.