Today I laughed as I fed the second dog turnip greens and pinto beans. I could not believe he ate it. The other one turns up her nose quickly unless she is given her favorites. This one is younger, always happy with his tail in full swing and loves you like he hasn’t seen you for months even if only five minutes have passed. Grateful. That’s the word to describe him. He accepts every scrap you are willing to part with, every pat on the head, each kind word you utter to him and any sort of attention he can garner with relish. He makes you want to love him. My other one is my baby since I’ve raised her from a pup. I still see within her face the young dog of yesteryear, just like I still ‘see’ myself as young. Essentially, we’ve grown old together. We are both in our middle years with her catching up to me in dog years. The younger one baits her with play in the mornings and it is a sight to watch. He ‘blocks’ her and skips around till she chases him a bit and then they continue with the little dance. She’s gained a cousin and I’ve got more good memories to think about. No wonder dogs are called man’s best friend.