Two Days…

August 23, 2016

and I’ll be another year older. Life has been one long day. That is all it can be. We don’t live in weeks, months, or years. Each day we walk this earth  and then it becomes another and so on. Calendars track the time and our bodies change during the long day’s walk. One day we will be gone from here. When I leave it is my hope that it will have been of benefit to someone. Some or one…either is acceptable.

The Last Of Original Kin…

November 11, 2015

There’s no place to go

Home is no more

Gone with the flow

In time, upon shores

No longer to tread

Or Sail to again

Full days have all come

Lost to the winds

Green grass and cold winter

The blanket is spun

Into the deep sleep

They all now have gone

Yet still I have hope

I see the day’s sun!

The glimmering web

Of life’s tiny threads

One day will for me

Drift down till I’m dead

The spark still remains

As clear as a sound

That whispers quietly

Someday I am bound

For pasture in Earth

To rest a sweet sleep

Then somewhere God takes me

His Own for to keep

R.Webb / copyright 2015

I love my children, simple as that. I think each one knows that. I love them as a whole unit and as individuals. Not one of them can ever be replaced. They are woven in my heart, mind, and soul as long as I draw breath. After that, I have no idea, so I won’t go beyond what I know here on Earth. We humans long to believe that love is forever, but forget that forever is not something we really understand. Scores of people through books, scientific studies, and sermons attempt to shed some light on it, but which one of us can really understand? The one thing I know for sure, is someday we each will have that discovery and answer for ourselves. In the meantime, I will love my children to the best of my ability on the limited basis I know here on Terra Firma.