Freckled Arms…

August 8, 2018

Held my children as babies, waved to parade passers by, hugged friends, held books, and carried groceries. In fact, my entire body has freckles stemming from my Scots-Irish background.

Many remarks spoken and numerous stares that say unkind things wordlessly have crossed the lips and eyes of people all through my life.

I’ve created with my freckled hands, kissed with my freckled face, bore children from my freckled body.

I’ve lived.

Basking in the morning sun has me feeling relaxed and alive. Fair skin with (lots) freckles, I’ve alienated myself for years because I was uneasy about acquiring more and darkening the ones already there.

Picasso had his Blue Period. Mine has been black…and not on art canvas.

Clear thinking this A.M. , I asked myself…What do I like?

It is a question I must ask. One that I’ve pushed down for so long it seems a fresh concept.

The minutes I sat in full sun warmed both my body and thoughts. To quote King Of The Hill character, Bobby Hill, “… I like me.” …

Even if others don’t. With my freckles, capped and missing teeth, glasses, stomach pudge from babies, cokes, and junk food.

Bobby Hill was right. He knew who he was and saw the good points of his life…and

accepted himself.

The sun is my friend.

He smiled at me again today and this time I accepted his invitation.