Iron Skillets…

August 22, 2012

are a Southern MUST. At least where I’m from. Today I attempted to look at something on Yahoo concerning it and the video didn’t want to come up, so I axed the thing. It did, however, bring up lots of food for thought. Like how I’ve never lived in a household that didn’t have one. How that there is nothing to compare with it  in terms of Southern fried chicken (I make no claims on what section of the country the bird comes from) and fried potatoes.  Yes my dears, you have not lived until you’ve tasted cooking from a cast iron skillet. I remember how my mother would wash porkchops, then perfume them with salt and pepper. Next came the thick coating of flour with the excess shaken away. Then and only then were they ready to take their baptism in the hot bacon grease of goodness. It makes me nostalgic thinking of all the times I’ve smelled the love in those foods that my mother cooked. It has been years since my household has used a nonstick pan. In my younger years I had the enamel cookware, teflon coated stuff, and even a set of copper that I dearly loved. But, more and more it was whittled down to the good old fashioned iron skillets. I have four ranging from baby to large (one round, one square). One of my children inherited one of my other round ones. Overall, they really are easy to cook in and clean. Just be sure and season them correctly. I cook everything in them including spaghetti sauce (okay, from a jar…). The secret for me is to cook meats S L O W. And keep turning them. It takes longer, but I’m serious about it being delicious. Plus, you get the iron that seeps out into the food. Stainless steel saucepans and a small very old aluminum saucepan are a part of my cooking too, but for meats on the stove top, it’s handsdown cast iron. The other thing that I’l throw out here to complete this bias, is that I love gas for the stove. Something about the control you have cannot be matched with an electric range. I’ve had both and gas is the best from my point of view. It gives an even cooking temperature from my experience. Now, the only thing better is the smell of bacon frying in the open air in that same skillet along with fresh coffee while you are out in the campgrounds. Enjoy!

 P.S. If you need tips on cooking in an iron skillet, I’ll be happy to tell you what I know about them from my own experiences.