Taking used glasses from supper, pouring off the liquid and then reusing the ice at the next meal. This actually happened according to my grandmother. She worked for a woman who ran a boardinghouse and watched her do it. If I know my Nanny, I bet she NEVER took a bite or drink while employed at that job.

Mama Wears Dresses…

February 4, 2010

and gowns. Not pants nor shorts. A handful of times she wore them to my rememberance, but so little that I can hold up both hands and have digits left over. In her younger years, pedal pushers were the thing. Later on, my aunt (baby sister) gave her a couple of pantsuits that were in vogue. Even my grandmother who was also a dresswearer boasted a few of them. Overall I grew up with feminine wear of the traditional type among those two relatives. It is a comfort for me. There is something traditional and satisfying in remembering how they did their daily living in those garments. My grandmother and  mother were always piddling about and even doing gardening or yard work they donned the dress. The pedal pushers and pantsuits were left for when they ventured outside the house. But my childhood eyes still see them in the staple of their wardrobes: dresses.  A constant in my mind and heart from them to me.