Thoughts for myself…

October 21, 2013

Oh how I wish I

Could pull the tender

Young blooms of

Bitterness from my

Soul as easily as

The ones that

Sprout anew

From the prickly bush

Outside my windows

Soft and pliable

In one’s hand

They easily leave

Their home

Never to become

Stiff and unwelcoming

To outsiders

Yet protective of its own

Right down to the

Brown dead leaves

That cling

Stabbing even in their death

May God reach out and pluck them as He is the true Master Gardener.
copyright 2013


December 4, 2012

Eyes of brown and blue and gray

Cast upon sunset of day

To where it fades, from sight it’s gone

The night tis’ long, from dusk to dawn

The morn’ shines bright for all to see

Through eyes of green each man dares be

Stand silent, walk tall through fields of wheat

Earth’s kinsmen hail forth in victory so sweet

From mountains West the rivers flow

Days wander on with passing know

Run swift, run free though wild winds blow

Today is here yet far to go

The homeland calls with each step took

See firm with eyes, stand ground though shook

Not sinking nor slumbering, lest all not be held

Toward victory to victory, I pray thee, Do Well

copyright 11/8/12