The Correct Tools..

December 15, 2016

Can make all the difference in life. Whether in housework, love, or career the availability and use of them can make things go a lot smoother. 

For years I’ve hated mopping floors. Each time, I’d always think…need to buy one.Three weeks ago on impulse I bought one. The model is plastic in every sense, but my outlook has changed dramatically. The first time I put the mop head in the wringer and did the twist the world of floors became less dreadful for me. To think I wasted all that time just because I didn’t go ahead and make the purchase. 

Love is a bit trickier than floors. You cannot purchase something that will instantly make you successful in this area.  Love comes from an intimate place, one that is personal and unique to every individual. There are things that can help you move towards it in the form of being friendly and open with those to whom you would like to love whether in friendships or romantic notions. You can use these ‘tools’ to further your chances in this area.

Tools are essential for careers in the sense of responsibility, drive, direction, cooperation, and integrity . Integrity is a tool because it is a self-instilled action that will reflect overall results in one’s  business whether as employee or employer. 

Having the correct tools can make all the difference, whether in our personal world or the world in general.  Lets learn to acquire the right tools and utilize them to build the best of both worlds.