School Profit-See…

August 1, 2017

Like clockwork the beginning schoolyear has brought out all the good hearted  folks to advertise how YOU can help “the children” start out the year right with supplies  so everyone is equipped to learn! Stuff the bus, fill the boxes, pack a backpack, and any other catch phrase that may appeal to the generous souls that are willing to help the kiddies, right? Wrong. Whether it’s cutting hair for free or donating school supplies it is not right. What in the world is wrong with people today? Underprivileged children is officially the norm. Yes, they ARE in a real sense of the word. Most have multiple “parents” or no parents, along with a childhood that includes things that I never even knew about until I was an adult.

A few boxes of crayons and some notebook paper are not going to change the child’s everyday life.  Crayons get broken and paper may get used, but the child remains in circumstances that put them in the line for free supplies in the first place. Parents who take them to these events smile broadly and say they are so ‘thankful’ to the volunteers/television  camera/radio dj who is live on location as the kiddies step up and receive.

Is there no shame anymore? Is there no questioning WHY these children’s parent’s are unable to buy school supplies when they know it will be approaching every single year?

You are a cruel and uncaring person. You have no idea the circumstances of the family. You have no right to judge. You need to mind your own business.  My answer to YOU is this: I am not a cruel uncaring person. I am, however, a person who is tired of all the begging, rather TAKING of people’s money and insisting that we owe it to “the children”. What do I owe to someone’s child? Better question, what does the PARENT owe to THEIR child? I don’t know the circumstances of the family, BUT I HAVE seen plenty of parents who stand in line for free stuff display some mighty fancy hairdos, nails, and clothing, along with a lot of them having no lack of body fat which says they are eating quite well. As far as minding my own business, I do very well in this area WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BEING TIRED OF GETTING BOMBARDED WITH THIS CRAZY “GIVE TO HELP” MESSAGE each year. Actually, I am tired of  EVERY SINGLE THING THAT PERTAINS TO GIVING. It is out of control.

This entire society is panhandling. It’s on the roads, in the airwaves, and certainly when you go outside to do any shopping or get a bite to eat after working all week. There are so many nonprofits you can’t even name them.  The churches are always helping people and yet it seems to be getting worse and worse. Maybe it’s time to resurrect the old way of things. Remember when people were willing to work for a living? Remember when people were ashamed to have to take something because they had no other way? Take a look at the old photos of soup lines up north during the depression. People were not laughing and looking all pleased. They were serious of face, mind, and spirit. People today only think they are underprivileged.

In case you think I’m blowing smoke, let me tell you why I think the way I do.  When I was a child, my mother once borrowed money from her brother to buy our school supplies because she just didn’t have the extra cash that particular year. She paid him back every cent and we had our school supplies. She did not go out and bellyache because she didn’t have the money. She went discreetly to family and family came through. The best part? She never, ever spoke of this to me or my brother as children and I still don’t know whether he knows about it, and I only found out from her after I was very grown in years.  Parents could use that advice, too. It seems parents today tell their children everything. Worse, they show them everything with the kinds of lifestyles they live.

Hate me if you want, but it is the truth. Look around you. You know I’m right.