The following is from my test kitchen to yours.

Using one pound of hamburger and your favorite meat loaf recipe, combine all ingredients in a bowl. Take two loaf pans (yes, two) and divide mixture evenly. Place into oven at recommended temperature and double the time since you are cooking both at once. This is the key. Mine calls for one hour, so I set it for two.

When you hear the timer take them out and slice off the tops, scoop out the insides, and add ketchup to the thoroughly cooked meat. When completed, take the top crusts and shells and toss in garbage.

For a side meat, be sure to flour and season pork chops, frying them on the stove.


This is an old favorite that I like to refer back to when recalling my younger years of food fare with chicken:

Epiphany* Chicken

Wash and apply your favorite spices. Put into a paper sack filled with powdered sugar and proceed to shake making sure that each piece is completely covered. Have your grease in the skillet just hot enough to hear a nice sizzle when submerging. The secret is getting the chicken done before the powdered sugar starts to burn…


I’ve been thinking I need to find Loretta Lynn’s pie recipe she used in Coal Miner’s Daughter.

* Epiphany: a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way   (

The dark roots…

July 28, 2015

sink deep into the earth searching, always searching for more. Above, its leaves blow their gilded song of laughter across the field where joy rings true.


The Stemming

Come here, follow me see  how I thrive

The winds blow, the storms rage

Yet upwards I rise

My body is strong my branches are stout

The mysteries my secrets will ne’er be found out

The small seedling fights for life of its own

Then steady, steady it breaks through the dawn

Live on little acorn live on planted deep

For whatever you sow you shall surely reap

Young sapling stands near this great mighty tree

Ever it does wax and wane to be free

The years come and go the strength is passed on

The blackness of root now deeper has gone

Blow winds, blow rains

The storms pass thee by

Its roots are laid safe now

In rich soil of lies

Though bitter or gladness it all comes to sigh

Sooner or later all things they will die

The branches are weak

Roots laid open bare

Storms toss thee and turn thee

At last

Now despair

The power you held is no longer bequeathed

Your mighty strength spent

It lies in a heap

Then glorious, Now silent

Truth breaks the spell

Now ashes to ashes

The fire will not quell

copyright/ 7/28/2015, R. Webb