I’ve just been pondering over some things. So much so that I’ve wandered over here several times, reread my posts and decided to wait till I was in a better writing mood. Spring is in the air and we all know that means change. I’m ready for GOOD change.  The squirrels and birds are taking advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperatures. I watch them through the patio window during the day as they explore the brown with green-poking-through grass. On Monday, one squirrel was gutsy enough to climb across the deck railing and scramble his (or her) way to the roof. This greatly intrigued my two year old grandson who fired out a finger and gave his self -language of “Look! Squirrel!” I’ve been steadily telling him about them and the birds that show up so I can keep him in tune with nature.  He adores the outside and being the grandfather he is, my husband takes him there to explore. Of course he managed  to find the water pan that the birds drank from and tumped it over; but Pee Pa didn’t  mind.  After awhile they came back in and I told him that it reminded me of when his father would take our children to the woods beside their house and down to the (now dry) beaver pond.  They still remember and speak about those times. Myself, I remember walking to town with my grandmother to pay a bill. I skipped along the sidewalk as the summer sun snuck between the tree leaves. My Nanny had her umbrella to shield her from its smiling gaze when we were dead in sight. Time and how we felt around people. That’s what we remember.