Purposeful Thursday…

October 15, 2015

This morning upon waking I glanced around the gray infused early light, my thoughts wanting to boil over like a big pot of soup. Last night before retiring, I wrote down a couple things to do this morning, along with a short sentence using one positive word for today. I glanced at the sentence after I allowed myself to delve into thinking for a few minutes and started my day. I fixed a breakfast of leftover potato soup and some unsweetened apple sauce and walked out on the sunny back patio. Setting the timer for fifteen minutes I ate in silence. Afterwards I got up and stood in each of the four corners of the patio and took in the warm rays and listened to the birds over the faint traffic sounds. I then said two sentences (two words from two days ) with my words: I’m grateful to you God. Thank you God.

Picking up the empty containers and a couple more things on the table, I walked inside to start the dishwasher and household chores. Sometimes it is good to not think. Simply be and express positive output to the Creator.

I am ready for the day.

Today is now…

May 29, 2012

Now is today. Nothing else is possible.  I am feeling this strongly with a warmness that radiates throughout my heart and soul. Usually I do not care to go with feelings as they are subject to change easily and when I go on feelings , well let’s all say it together: it usually does not go well. Intuition is a different matter and one that is worthy of writing about maybe later. I have wasted many a day, month, and year pondering about the future and all the time it is right before my eyes. TODAY is all I have and I really do not have a guarantee of making it through the 24 hours of even a single one, at that.  I am thankful for finally realizing this, even though it took me awhile (late bloomer, remember?). It is okay. I now know. Really know. That is why I enjoyed making the Southern Fried Chicken dinner(lunch) for my family today. Relishing the way the flour felt on my hands as I lovingly dipped each piece separately in the white coat  with it’s perfume of salt and pepper lingering on the skin. Gingerly placing each one into its bed of bacon grease,  which in turn released such a wonderful smell that only a true Southerner can appreciate the deep meaning behind such a traditional method of frying chicken. Today, I ate this wonderful food and drank fresh sweet Southern ice tea.. I know it is written ‘iced’ on most things, but I wanted to write it just like I say it. I am happy. I am thankful. I am Blessed.