Thanksgiving Countdown…

November 24, 2015

Four a.m., seven hours of sleep, eyes open, and the clock starts. Menu: Dinner will consist of turkey, ham, canned jellied cranberry sauce, the smooth type, and naturally, Ocean Spray…I mean is there any other kind!? Chicken and dressing, some sort of bread (I FORGOT rolls),possibly creamed potatoes, and a first for me, turtle pie. I may throw in some French green beans if I’m feeling the need. Supper will be potluck at my sister-in-laws where it is tradition, with another batch of my C & D and Eagle Brand cream cheese pie with cherry topping.

Plans today include chop and cook onion, celery, cornbread, and chicken for dressing. That’s usually the most time consuming. Ham, I’ll cook tomorrow and we can consume it on Thursday morning while the turkey cooks leisurely in the oven.  The turtle pie sure sounds delicious, but when my son mentioned it I asked him what to buy. “Google it”, he says…Ok…I do this while at the store and all these recipes show up and I decide on one that looks good. After he gets home from work, I show him all the stuff I bought and he says, “Where’s the pretzels?” . What pretzels??? I told him I saw no pretzels listed in the ingredients on the one I chose. He said it was okay, that it would turn out delicious he was sure with what I’d bought. Love this young man. Good thing, too. Fourteen dollars worth of stuff for the pie!

Looking forward to the day and hoping bodies and souls will be filled  with good food and good memories.

Just so you know… Black Friday is going to be my day of leisure, so I’ll be going for another piece of turtle pie and some turkey and ham. Yesss…I did mention turtle pie first…

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 27, 2013

As I write this, the fireplace is warm with a snapping orange glow that pushes back the coldness of the day. Nightfall is nearer than not and I’ve put the finishing touches on my part of tomorrow’s Thanksgiving supper. Tuesday was my biggest cooking day as I prepared the dressing and baked it. I’m hoping the flavors will be enhanced with the extra time, like spaghetti. You know, how sometimes the sauce is better a day or so later. Now I’m free to relax and enjoy my time until we travel to the relatives with the goods. Today I listened to an elderly man who spoke of remembering the holidays with his family, but now he is the lone one. I find myself intently observing him in the way he speaks about such things and note that overall, he has a pretty good attitude in his adjusting to it. I always interact with him because number one, it is certainly good manners, and also because I want him to have the dignity of speaking with at least one person who will not only hear, but listen to him. These are things I am striving for these days. To hear and listen better. It can make for better decisions in so many arenas of life. Here’s wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.