August 21, 2012

Big Ben windup clock. Ring a bell? It’s the kind I remember from childhood and awhile back I purchased one for the house. On the top shelf of the computer table in the den, it gives a soft tick- tick -tick through the air as we listen to music, read, talk, or simply gaze out the patio doors. A reminder that time marches on without the harshness of  L E D  numbers.     Time is in small increments. You don’t notice it unless it is meal time, or you are in pain, waiting for a loved one, expecting news, or a million other things that can make you focus on it. Most of us simply set the alarm, get up, do the day’s business and repeat.   That is, until one day we look up and lo and behold it has gotten away from us. Who told it to jump 15 years down the road? Why, it was only yesterday that…  . Yes, it happens just like that. Big Ben is like a gentle soul who saunters a bit and I welcome that type of attitude these days. Thanks Westclox, for this fine fellow.  He is a keeper.