Saturday Morning Heat…

April 20, 2013

Sitting here with my afghan tucked around my legs over the floor vent. Yep. It is cold, sunny and quiet. Letting the dog out was short lived cause once she felt the nip, right back through the door in a couple minutes. Still going through things for my sale. Wrote a note for keeping on track: IT’S JUST STUFF. It’s good to keep a few things around to remember times/people/places, but I want to resist a steady buildup. Uselfulness is not sitting around in a closet or box somewhere in most cases and yes, I do know there are exceptions. Going through my two closets I realized there won’t be much clothing. The donation boxes have received several trips since we’ve been here. Looking forward to doing the sale and having that lightness that follows. I noticed that I’ve been in a really creative mood as I’ve been going through and gathering things. I’ve even been painting with an abandon. Reading about clutter in times past I remember someone wrote that clutter in things can result in a cluttered mind. That must be it. I have a lot less ‘things’ than several people I know, but just as we are all individuals, the stuff I have is too much for my liking. Some people enjoy a collection sitting around in a room. I’m more the type to put a grouping on a small side table. The bug has bit, so boxes are a part of my life at this moment in time.

and wasps, bumblebees, bats, and pollen. Yep, I’ve encountered each of them this week. Oh, I forgot about the brown rabbit romping in the uncut grass in my backyard. Ears sticking up like twin radars tuning in to the sweet sounds of springtime. Looks like rain is headed this way tonight which means the lovely yellow color of pollen will wash away from everything exposed. My sinuses send their best regards. I’ve finally figured out this deal with the blog postings. So glad, as I enjoy writing and keeps both fingers and mind nimble. Today has been very fortunate for me, obtaining a trunkload of flat boxes and a backseat of ready boxes for a yard sale. All free. Shying away from this for years, it is time to gather those items and sit through a few hours of people. Last time I held one I still showed signs of youthfulness in hair color. 😀 A different mindset is what I’ve embarked upon this time. That makes all the difference in the world. Besides, it’s interesting to watch people and getting paid a bit to do so is pure bonus. With a cleaned out section of my house that makes for a third times’ the charm, don’t you think?